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Here to listen, to support and to help

07963 950 654     kerrie@kerriegaelen.com
Kerrie Gaelen offers individual, couples and family counselling
Kerrie was fantastic! I would recommend Kerrie to any friend who needed help.

Kerrie Gaelen
BACP Registered Counsellor
Counselling for individuals & couples
Croydon, Southwest London.

Tel: 07963 950 654

Email: kerrie@kerriegaelen.com

Skype: kerriegaelen.counselling


Over the years I have received many letters of thanks from individual clients, families and groups. Here are some of the recommendations and feedback that people have made:

Individual clients

I spoke with Kerrie and felt both supported and understood. I also gained valuable insight and clarity. Thanks Kerrie!

I really feel that Kerrie is such a genuine and up front lady.

Kerrie is compassionate, approachable and has the warm qualities needed in this field of work.

Kerrie is very professional and has a warm, human approach.

Kerrie is very impressive, she is knowledgeable, responsive and human.

Kerrie was fantastic! I would recommend Kerrie to any friend who needed help.

I often began the session feeling tired or less than enthusiastic but by the end nearly always came out rejuvenated and somehow lighter.

Kerrie was prepared to give me a great deal of support and showed a readiness to answer any queries I had. Thank you for all your efforts.
Pam B

Thank you Kerrie so much for all the help you gave me when I most needed some support.

Group Feedback

I have learned, laughed and cried with a wonderful group of people and felt a depth of compassion and support which will nourish my spirit for ever.

I am grateful for this opportunity to learn about the things that really matter in life with such great people who are an inspiration to me.

I appreciated Kerrie's practical and cheerful approach.
Pam W

Feedback from Supervisors

I have been impressed with the quality of her counselling and her ability to connect and build relationships with young people and parents.

Kerrie facilitated the group with the utmost respect for the participants and their needs. Her energy and obvious enjoyment of this type of work coupled with her democratic facilitation style provided the group with an enjoyable and motivating session.

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